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When was the last time you saw an active professional athlete wearing glasses? Even if you do not play professional sports, you know how much easier it is to enjoy your favorite activities in contact lenses. In addition to convenience, contact lenses offer better peripheral vision than glasses, which may slip off or get bumped during play. If you play sports that require protective eye wear, it’s more convenient to wear them over contact lenses.

As an active contact lens wearer, you need a contact lens solution that works as hard as you do, because you don’t need to worry about your lenses when you are tackling that black diamond ski slope for your last run. Specialized contact lens solutions can be a big help to you delivering brilliantly clean and clear contact lenses, conditioning your lenses to maintain surface moisture, providing clearer vision, and 16+ hours end of day comfort.  They can delivers effective cleaning and robust disinfection, removing protein and other deposits that commonly accumulate during lens wear. The result is a lens that’s cleaner and more comfortable to wear whether on the court, the track or anywhere in between.

Here are some recommended tips to ensure your eye health and comfort during your favorite activity.

  1. Make sure to tell your eye care professional about your sport or activity during regular check-ups. It’s important for the eye care professional to know your complete routine so he/she can prescribe the right lenses for you.
  2. During strenuous activity, sweat may drip into your eyes, as well as dirt, oil and make-up. Rubbing your eyes with your fingers could cause additional irritation or trauma. Instead, gently blot sweat away with a towel or wear a headband.
  3. While enjoying your favorite activity, use a lubricating eye drop to help keep your contact lenses moisturized and more comfortable.
  4. Always wash your hands before handling your lenses.  Rub, rinse, and disinfect your lenses each time you remove them and always handle the same lens, the right or the left, first in order to avoid mix-ups.
  5. Do not expose your lenses or lens case to tap water, bottled water, distilled water, lake water, or ocean water.  For emergency situations, keep a travel-size bottle of specialty cotnact lens solution on hand or at the office.  Do not use saliva or put lenses in your mouth to rewet, make sure to have lubricating drops on hand.
  6. Always remove your contact lenses before swimming, showering or entering a hot tub, as the water can contain contaminants.
  7. Rinse your lens case after each use and allow to air dry. You should replace your contact lens case every one to three months to ensure that your contacts lenses stay clean.
  8. If you enjoy outdoor activities, wear sunglasses that protect your eyes from both UVA and UVB rays.

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