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Tranquileyes Hydrating Goggles

The Basic Tranquileyes with Thermoeyes Beads

prod large 212The Basic TE Beads kit is a great starter kit.  Use the tranquileyes goggle with thermoeyes Beads to conveniently create 12-15 minute warm compresses to help relieve dry eye symptoms.  The Beads are made from glycerin and easy to use - microwave for heat or freeze for cold.  Each set of Beads is good for approximately 50 uses.  Kit is available with any color goggle.  If the color you would like is not featured below, simply write the color you prefer in the comments section when checking out.

Using Basic TE with thermoeyes Beads

Simply place the Beads into fabric pocket. Place both into 1 cup of water and heat in the microwave for one minute on high. Remove, let stand for one minute, insert back into goggle and wear. In minutes you can enjoy the benefits of a warm compress. The Beads can also be used with the goggle to create 15-30 minute cold compresses to reduce inflammation and lid puffiness.

Basic Tranquileyes with Instant Thermoeyes

prod large 202The tranquileyes Basic TE with Instant thermoeyes is a great starter kit for those with mild to moderate chronic eye conditions. Use the goggle with instant thermoeyes to create 18-20 minute warm compresses to help relieve dry eye symptoms. The instant thermoeyes are a great technology for creating compresses. No microwaving necessary, just click the little stainless disc inside the gel pack to activate. They are reusable approximately 100 times. The instant thermoeyes are high performing and a little more maintence. The gel packs do have to boiled to reset after each use. Available with any color goggle. Just note in the comment section at check out if you prefer another color.

Using Basic TE with instant thermoeyes:

Use the tranquileyes goggle with thermoeyes to create 18-20 minute warm compresses to relieve symptoms of Dry Eye. Can also be used to create cold compresses to relieve itchiness. The original goggle is also very comfortable for sleep.

Chronic Dry Eye Tranquileyes Kit

prod large 84Made for chronic dry eye sufferers, this kit stimulates natural tear production and enhances the benefits of artificial tears, Restasis, ointments, punctual plugs and supplements. Each kit also includes a set of instant thermoeyes™ gel packs, which can be used for moist heat therapy or soothing cold therapy. For dry eye relief, the moist heat therapy is the most effective. It helps loosen oils in the meibomian glands and stabilizes tear film, further reducing evaporation of natural and artificial tears.

Using Chronic Dry Eye TE:

Tranquileyes™Chronic Dry Eye TE can be used to create hot eye compresses that provide 18-20 minutes of heat and hydration or as a cold compress to reduce lid puffiness and itchiness. Read about Moisture Release Eyewear.

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